The Fuller Center for Housing of Middle TN

About Us

Our Mission:
The Fuller Center for Housing of Middle TN is a faith driven, Christ centered organization that promotes collaborative and innovative partnerships in an unrelenting quest to provide adequate shelter for people in need not only in our own community but worldwide.
Our History:
We are dedicated to continuing the legacy of Millard Fuller, our inspirational leader for 40 years and the Founder of The Fuller Center for Housing in 2005. Millard Fuller also Founded and then led Habitat for Humanity from 1976-2005.
The Fuller Center builds and repairs homes across the country and around the world, partnering with families for a hand up instead of a handout. We are an ecumenical Christian movement that welcomes anyone who wants to join with us to eliminate poverty housing.

There are countless opportunities for involvement, such as volunteering on projects, involving your church, work place and/or school, traveling overseas with the Global Builders program, or even by riding a bicycle as part of the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure where you can have your funds raised go towards our organization!

But whether swinging a hammer, writing a check, or riding a bike, by all means get involved. And perhaps most of all, help us spread the word!
What is The Fuller Center for Housing?
The Fuller Center for Housing of Middle TN was founded on April 20, 2015.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Middle TN focuses on rehabilitating and providing housing needs for low income families located throughout Middle TN including Wilson, Rutherford, Davidson, and Williamson Counties.
 80% of our focus is helping current home-owners, in desperate need of repairs to their home, to receive a hand up [not a hand out] to return their home to a simple, livable condition.
Meet The Board
  1. Lindsey Bawcom
    Lindsey Bawcom
    Volunteer & Board Member
  2. AJ Haney
    AJ Haney
    Volunteer & Vice President
  3. Sam Adams
    Sam Adams
    Volunteer & Treasurer
  4. Phillip Bernier
    Phillip Bernier
    Volunteer & President
  5. Brandon Bawcom
    Brandon Bawcom
    Volunteer & Board Member
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